The Wildland editors have many years experience of working with novelists, short story writers, publishers and agents. Here you can find a selection of the writers we have worked with, and the published novels, short story collections and magazines that we have edited over the last few years.

Ever Dundas – Goblin

Freight Books, 2017

Ian McEwan’s Atonement meets Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth in this extraordinary debut.

Goblin is an outcast girl growing up in London during World War 2. After witnessing a shocking event she increasingly takes refuge in a self-constructed but magical imaginary world. Having been rejected by her mother, she leads a feral life amidst the craters of London’s Blitz, and takes comfort in her family of animals, abandoned pets she’s rescued from London’s streets.

‘…A captivating debut novel…’  Herald

Edited by Helen Sedgwick for Jenny Brown Associates.

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Fiona Cameron – A Way of Knowing

Flying Swan Press, 2016

Despite having been married three times, Lenka Majewska has never fallen out of love with Cluny Crichton, the handsome Highland laird’s son she wed at eighteen and left less than a year later. Recently widowed, the last thing Lenka expects is for Cluny to stride back into her life – and to find that she wants him there. But Lenka knows now what she didn’t know in 1968: they should never have married in the first place. Can she find the words to tell him? Should she, or are some secrets best kept?

‘A fascinating and unusual love story about the nature of love and of identity.’ Sue Krekorian

Edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2016.

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C A Mitchell – Commander

Available on Amazon, 2016

The corrupt and unscrupulous Hand controls the galaxy, whether everyone knows it or not. Yet the Hand is simply the puppet of a greater, more mysterious enemy, who would ravage systems and enlist all advanced species to fight in catastrophic intergalactic war…

Abigail De Silva is a fighter. She’s survived civil conflict, displacement, an unsteady upbringing, and she’s confident she can look after herself. But when Abi steals aboard a spaceship travelling far across the stars, she must learn to get on with the ship’s captain.

Edited by Helen Sedgwick.

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Rob Newman – The Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution

Cargo Publishing and Freight Books, 2015

Now a BBC Radio 4 comedy series, the Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution is based on the stand up show Robert Newman’s New Theory of Evolution.

‘…enlightening and beautiful…’  Russell Brand

‘… funnier than ever…’ Stewart Lee

‘A sustained, witty swipe at Dawkins’s world-view… You see that chink of light in the dark, overcast sky, that’s you that is.’  Daily Telegraph

Edited by Helen Sedgwick.

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John K Fulton – The Wreck Of The Argyll

Cargo Publishing, 2015

Winner of the Great War Dundee Children’s Book Prize 2015

Dundee, 1915. Twelve-year-old Nancy Caird is desperate to do her bit for the war. So when she suspects one of her teachers of being a German spy, she’s determined to foil his plans, and ropes in the reluctant Jamie Balfour to help her uncover the scheme. When Nancy and Jamie’s suspicions are confirmed, they’re drawn into a web of espionage, secrets, and betrayal.

‘An exciting and fast-paced spy thriller; The Wreck of the Argyll is my kind of story.’ Allan Burnett

Edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2015.

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C A Mitchell – Castle

Now available on amazon

No one likes to spend time with Kat, because Kat can see the dead. Arriving in Edinburgh to study History, she vows to keep her Sight a secret and live a normal life. But she is soon drawn to the city’s historic heart, where spirits roam the cobbles and the bloody past comes alive. There, in the shadows of the Old Town, she meets James — a mysterious psychic who comforts troubled ghosts, who could really use her help… Castle is a standalone paranormal romance, set in Scotland’s haunted capital.

Castle was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2015.

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Fiona Cameron – By Heart

Flying Swan Press, 2015

Longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Competition in 2015.

On her eleventh birthday, Lucy Simmons dances with Richard Rainey, the man who is about to marry her sister. It marks the end of a bleak and lonely childhood. Lucy feels loved and valued for the first time in her life. All through her adolescence, Richard is, as she tells her best friend, ‘her rock’, her confidant, the one person who’s always there for her.
But once Lucy’s grown up and married to Mark, the relationship with her brother-in-law takes a more sinister turn. Will her marriage and her family survive?

By Heart was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2015.

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Philip Miller – The Blue Horse

Freight Books, 2015

A highly atmospheric, unsettling literary noir about pain, loss and recovery set in the contemporary art world.

‘I was disturbed… interesting and convincing’ Alasdair Gray

‘What swept me along with the book was that it was a terrific description of grief… It’s quite visceral, there’s quite a lot sex, of drunkenness, of people behaving badly, I thought: this is great. There are very funny moments… George Newhouse just leapt off the page for me.’ Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio Scotland

The Blue Horse was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

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Margaret Montgomery – Beauty Tips For Girls

Cargo Publishing, 2015

Katy is an impressionable teenager obsessed with Misty magazine and its beauty tips. With her once-glamorous mother, Corinne, spiralling into self-destruction, she turns to Misty for advice, with disastrous but often hilarious consequences. Only Katy’s teacher, Jane, has the insight to put her pupil back on track, but can these three very different women each find their own voice in a society obsessed with perfection?

“A true gem. Don’t be fooled: although immensely readable and full of wry humour, Beauty Tips For Girls’ unflinching observation cuts to the bone.” Kirsty Logan

Beauty Tips For Girls was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

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Fiona Cameron – The Swan Widow

Flying Swan Press, 2014

A woman who’s been single all her life can’t suddenly find love in her sixties…. That’s what retired teacher Peigi MacKenzie believes. But the responsibility of looking after her late niece’s two young children isn’t what she had planned. She’s looking for a way to reinvent herself… When out of the blue, she meets Liverpudlian ex-policeman Kevin Phillipis. She throws caution to the winds, and within months has agreed to marry Kevin. But when everything starts to go wrong, there’s a voice echoing in Peigi’s head – her Free Kirk preacher father’s: ‘Happiness is a signal from the Devil that he’s looking to trip you up.’

The Swan Widow was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

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Jim Blyth – Kim and Jim

Boorach Books, 2014

A novel in verse.

Some say that life begins at forty. For others, it begins again when the kids grow up and leave home. So why are Kim & Jim sitting on their own watching TV on a wet Friday night in Paisley?  “…witty, surprising, and a veritable delight to read.”

Kim and Jim was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

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Bill Doig – Minor Mishaps

Published in Print, 2014

A collection of short stories.

Funny, warm, insightful, honest and hugely enjoyable, these are truly memorable stories of Scotland as it has changed of the decades, and over a lifetime.

Minor Mishaps was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

Fiona Cameron – White Cranes Dancing

Flying Swan Press, 2014

Serena MacKenzie is a successful TV journalist, but she has never shaken off the obsessions that have gripped her since her childhood in the dysfunctional MacKenzie family of Balvaig: fairy tale heroes, all things Russian, and her grandparents’ disapproval. It’s 1997, and she’s newly divorced. When a friend persuades her to join a cruise to St Petersburg, it seems just the treat she has told herself she deserves. Over the space of a few heady days in the queen of Baltic cities, she meets Russian musician Max Grigoriev and brings him home with her, illegally. But Max’s personality is as flawed as Serena’s, and he has his own agenda; life with him turns out to be anything but a fairy tale.

White Cranes Dancing was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

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Anneliese Mackintosh – Any Other Mouth

Freight Books, 2014

A viciously funny and heart-breaking collection of semi-autobiographical short stories from one of the UK’s most exciting new voices.

Any Other Mouth is a gut-wrenching and shockingly frank account of sexual misadventure, familial disintegration, bereavement and self-discovery, in the vein of David Vann’s Legend of a Suicide, Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, Interrupted, and Miranda July’s Nobody Belongs Here More Than You.

Any Other Mouth was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2014.

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Kate Tough – Head for the Edge, Keep Walking

Cargo Publishing, 2014

Jill Beech’s nine-year relationship is over. She covers the sadness with madness, going dancing with her off-beat friends and attempting a series of hilariously bad internet dates. Then life is flipped on its head once more by some shocking news. Adrift in her mid-thirties, no-one does ‘lost’ quite like Jill. Wry, witty, resilient but bewildered, she is left asking, what does it take to stay sane in this life?

‘A warm and ferociously witty story of the s*** life throws at us and how we survive it.’ Zoë Strachan

Head for the Edge, Keep Walking was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2013.

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Nick Brooks – Indecent Acts

Freight Books, 2014

An extraordinary achievement and change of direction for Brooks, in this, his third novel. Reported entirely by the protagonist, Grace, a semi-illiterate 40-something mother from Drumchapel, one of Glasgow’s most notorious schemes, this is a story soaked in humour and empathy as we follow Grace’s attempts to hold together her precarious, chaotic family life.

‘Flawlessly tapping into the psyche of this jaded and middle-aged woman, Brooks presents us with a true working class character…’ The Skinny

Indecent Acts was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2013.

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Pippa Goldschmidt – The Falling Sky

Freight Books, 2013

Runner-up in the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize

Pippa Goldschmidt’s bittersweet debut novel blends black comedy, heart-breaking tragedy and fascinatingly accessible science, in this intricate and beautiful examination of one woman’s disintegration and journey to redemption.

‘A delicate and fascinating study of a life in which intellect and external microscopic and cosmic fields interact.’ Stephen Fry

The Falling Sky was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2012.

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Suzanne Egerton – Out Late with Friends and Regrets

Paddy’s Daddy Publishing, 2013

Suzanne Egerton’s debut novel charts the journey of newly-widowed, 37-year-old Fiona, as she explores her sexuality and builds new friendships that change her world.

Speaking about Wildland’s Blitz The Book service, Suzanne says:

“The editorial advice I received was incisive, insightful, and unflinching. But I would have to add massively encouraging, too. Helen’s tough love shows the respect for your work that the committed writer craves: no diplomatic omissions, just the shiny new tools to craft your book into the very best product it can possibly be. The editing she did on my manuscript excited and re-energised me; I thoroughly recommend her services.”

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NeverSeconds – Martha Payne and David Payne

Cargo Publishing, 2012

Each copy sold feeds 25 children in Malawi

‘Martha is such an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference. She is a true hero.’ Jamie Oliver

Winner of The Herald Public Campaigner of The Year
Winner of Liberty Human Rights Young Person Of The Year
Top 25 Blogs of 2012 –TIME Magazine

Wildland founder Helen Sedgwick was the editor of this inspirational book that tells the true story behind nine-year-old Martha’s amazing blog.

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The Elsewhere Collection

Cargo Publishing, EIBF & McSweeney’s, 2012

The Elsewhere collection is a box set of four themed volumes of new writing from fifty internationally acclaimed authors including Amy Bloom, Roddy Doyle, Ali Smith and Michael Morpurgo. Elsewhere was commissioned in 2010 by the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and its publication marks an innovative publishing and design collaboration between Glasgow-based publisher Cargo and US-based McSweeney’s.

Wildland founder Helen Sedgwick was the managing editor for the collection.

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Toni Davidson – My Gun Was As Tall As Me

Freight Books, 2012

Acclaimed for his shocking, groundbreaking debut, Scar Culture, Toni Davidson’s long-awaited second novel is at once tender, harrowing, deeply moving and utterly compelling. An epic story of family disintegration, state-sponsored persecution and the irreconcilable compromises of delivering aid, Davidson assembles an enthralling cast of characters, beguiling and wholly authentic in equal measure. My Gun Was As Tall As Me is a meticulously researched, gripping and truly unforgettable story of conflict, damaged childhood, redemption and self-discovery, unlike anything you will have ever read before.

My Gun Was As Tall As Me was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2012.

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Christopher Wallace – Killing the messenger

Freight Books, 2011

It’s the near future and the nation’s mental ‘well-being’ is placed at the top of the political agenda. The party’s rising star, Dr Greig Hynd, is catapulted into high office to lead the flagship policy. Meanwhile advertising executive, Calum Begg, has stumbled on mass communication techniques whose extraordinary results promise unlimited power to anyone ruthless enough to use them. Award-winning author, Christopher Wallace, uses his insider’s knowledge of government advertising to create a wholly credible conspiracy, brilliantly satirising those who serve power and those who pursue it.

Killing The Messenger was edited by Helen Sedgwick in 2011.

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Lucy J. Hamilton – Milan to Tokyo

Now available on amazon

This trans-continental debut novel explores friendship across cultures. Speaking about the Full Editorial Service, Lucy says:

“Ideas? I have hundreds of them. Another matter is to capture all those thoughts, images, and emotions, on a page. Thanks to Helen, I had the strength to finish writing my first novel, which I hope will be published soon. Working with an editor was not only helpful with syntax, grammar and format. As far as I am concerned, it was complete 100% support. She gave me  the drive to continue without giving up. Thank you, Helen.”

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Allan Fraser – The Five Senses

Five protagonists, with five very different points of view, each explore the importance of the senses in their lives. Moving through war and peace, history, family life, friendship and revenge, this story challenges us to consider what makes us who we are. Based on the author’s real life experience with blindness, The Five Senses is a remarkable book.

Allan Fraser chose the Literary Consultancy service, and worked closely with Helen Sedgwick over the course of a year.

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Marty Murphy – Sashimi

Gutter, 2010

Martyn Murphy’s short story, Sashimi, was published in Gutter in 2010, after having been edited by Helen Sedgwick. He says:

“Helen’s editorial work on Sashimi enabled me to tell the story I wanted, resulting in my first published piece. Not only was it a great feeling to see my work in print but also a huge confidence boost. I found Helen’s feedback insightful, encouraging and, crucially, respectful of my ideas. Working with Helen has helped me to develop as a writer and I have gone on to perform pieces in public, and be published in a number of literary magazines.”

Drumchapel Focal Point Centre – The Girnin Gates

Freight Design 2009

“Do you remember that dentist? We had a dentist who was a great singer, he was a better singer than he was a dentist…” From winning the local lottery to making floats for gala day, this warm, affectionate collection portrays the changing ways of life in Drumchapel by remembering the past, looking to the future and most of all making you laugh.

The Girnin Gates is a collection of short storied produced during a writing course in Drumchapel in 2009, tutored and edited by Helen Sedgwick.

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Gutter is an award-winning, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland. The editors believe there is a need for an energetic, ambitious magazine dedicated exclusively to the best in new Scottish creative writing. Helen Sedgwick is the managing editor.

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Fractured West

Fractured West is an independent literary magazine publishing the most exciting short fiction by new and emerging writers from around the world. It was established by Helen Sedgwick and Kirsty Logan in 2009.

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